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The Famous Feastival 2014

A Celebration of Food, Whisky, Chocolate & Music

Easter is Special

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Welcome to The Wicked Chocolate Company


The Wicked Chocolate Company  delights in your enjoyment of our chocolate.

From the rich flavoursome Wicked Chocolate Noir through to  the delightfully Wicked Milk Buttons to our creamy Wicked White Buttons we want you to have the best taste experience.

For the best way to finish the day fill your mug with hot milk and add two or three teaspoons of our drinking chocolate,then stir your spoon around until the chocolate melts ( only a few seconds) whilst you smell the wonderful aroma and let Wicked Chocolate soothe and relax you....

Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Pods
The raw ingredients of Chocolate
Drinking Chocolate
A pile of pure milk and dark chocolate for Wicked Drinking Chocolate
Drinking Chocolate
Made with Wicked Chocolate real chocolate drops
Chocolate mocha Beans
A taste sensation dark chocolate coffee flavoured chocolate in the shape of a coffee bean
Wicked Chocolate Foils
Available in a variety of flavours!