Welcome to The Wicked Chocolate Company


Hello good of you to pop by you are most welcome.

Here at The Wicked Chocolate Company we take our chocolate very very seriously ...mind you we have been known to be a little giddy and frivilous at times  but then thats chocolate for you .

We love chocolate and do our best to cover Scotland with delicious tasting  but abouve all quality Wicked Chocolate In order to do this we rely on  lots of wonderful wholesalers all around Scotland  but for those of you not able to reach those excellent ambassadors we have the online shop . We are working on improving the website all the time so please do feel free to mosey about there is always something there .

Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Pods
The raw ingredients of Chocolate
Drinking Chocolate
A pile of pure milk and dark chocolate for Wicked Drinking Chocolate
Drinking Chocolate
Made with Wicked Chocolate real chocolate drops
Chocolate mocha Beans
A taste sensation dark chocolate coffee flavoured chocolate in the shape of a coffee bean