Hello from Perth , Perthshire  . We are very fortunate to be located deep in the heart of Scotland where  we pride ourselves on the quality of our ingredients. Our chocolate is carefully chosen for its flavour and ingredients , We believe vegetable fat has no  place in chocolate and that is why Wicked Chocolate contains no vegetable fat or any other nasties.

10 GOOD REASONS TO EAT CHOCOLATE who needs 10... the best reason is its deliciously wicked

Its official ( well its in Daily Mail and Daily Mirror ) >

It is going to get warm ...........Goodness knows how many sins are in this

Cool down with Chocolate >

Changes at Whitefriars Street

The Shop in Whitefriars Street Perth is permanently closed >

Happy New Year All the best for 2015

Welcome to all our customers. Those of you who have been into the shop will be aware of all the changes we have planned. >

Warm but not as hot as Abu Dhabi

We an get Wicked far and wide ! >

New Recipe on the recipe page

Chocolate Almond and Pecan Cake >

Off to Glendoick this weekend

We are heading to The Glendoick Garden Centre for the Summer Tasting >